Briefing Check List for Leaders

For the BCU Four and Five Star Leader awards, candidates need to have a simple and effective brief for the group they are leading.

Sometimes, it seems like there are so many things to remember that it can help to have a mental checklist to make sure that everything is covered.

One way to remember and check you have covered everything is to use the acronym My ABCDE.

M.Y.A.B.C.D.E. stands for-

Me – Introduction and a bit about me.

You – Introductions from the group.

Area – the plan for the day, the water we will be on, and the ‘type’ of trip we will be undertaking.

Boats and kit – safety checks and also who has what kit and where.

Communication – how will we communicate, what signals will we use.

Doctor – an invitation for anyone to let me know any relevant medical needs and a reminder for people to carry any relevent medication.

Emergency – what to do if an incident occurs – a swim brief and what the rest of the group should do.

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  1. Paul Gibson at #

    So much more meaningful than ROBESAQ …..

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