‘Utilisation’ for Coaches….

….or what to do when students don’t come up with the answers you expect!

When questioning students or setting guided discovery tasks, sometimes students come back with unexpected answers.  One strategy to use here is ‘Utilisation’.  Have a look at the video to find out more.

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10 Responses to ‘Utilisation’ for Coaches….

  1. brian at #

    very useful

  2. Janet at #

    Thanks Kim,
    As ever a useful thought.

  3. David at #

    Very useful, look forward to trying that.

    Cheers Dave

  4. hils at #

    Hi Kim
    Thank you for sharing your tips and ideas.
    It will certainly inform my working with Scouts.

  5. John Donnelly at #

    Thanks for this kim,
    Once again you’ve put into easy to understand words, some thing I’ve been playing with in my mind, and going around in circles with.

    very useful

  6. mark phillips at #

    great Kim!!!!!!!!!! i use Guided discovery alot at work, and have never looked at in this way really good vid look forward to the next one

  7. Paul at #

    Thank you for share. This is a great way of coaching. Works with adults and children. Students I find progress so much with this path of learning.

  8. paul Scarborough at #

    I watched the vidio and thought of the a dry session I did. I was using active ball and looking at what the legs do in the suituation of a brace or the start of a roll. Sat on the edge of the ball and then siting in an imagamary kayak edge the kayak over. my legs to edge the kayak was to push on right leg to go left. the same for the person I was working with and an observer who though we were doing someting new. it was quite an experence to see the legs moving in this way. a quest ion was dthe legs of an experanced paddle who wil naturally move in an learned way through experance and coaching. to see a diffrence in a person who has just been tought the way and how a none experance mind deal with it?

  9. Kim at #

    Thanks for all the comments – the next video will be out soon.

    Paul – glad you’re experimenting with this. Foot pressure in the kayak is really importance for edging and stability, and there is often a difference between experienced but ‘self taught’ paddlers and how they use it.

  10. Ken at #

    Really useful Kim, thank you.


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