Student Centre Coaching

If you’re a coach or are interested in how you and others learn you may have come across the terms ‘Student Centred’, ‘Coach Centred’, ‘Student Led’ and ‘Coach Led’.

Coach education courses often recommend we should learn to shift from one option to another and be flexible with our coaching to bring out the best in our students. We can only do this once we understand the terms and how they are structured.

These terms are metaphors, and this video shows how we can take these metaphors literally and start to think about them in a way that allows us to use them with ease.

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2 Responses to Student Centre Coaching

  1. Dave H at #

    Excellant simple explanation of quite a thought provoking series of coaching styles. Makes our coaching role more challenging in examining how we organise our sessions whilst working with the students. Brilliant idea to challenge ourselves and gives us a ready self check . Recomending this to all local coach contacts thanks DH.

  2. Sandy Johnston at #

    I loved the explanation of a concept that I thought I had grasped, but now realise that I need to play with this a little more! Thanks……. Sandy

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