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Four Star Sea Kayak Training

We enjoyed near perfect conditions for our recent Four Star course. We spent the first day in the classroom completing the BCU Coastal Navigation and Tidal Planning course. This covers interpretation of weather forecasts, tidal planning and navigation. We practiced our map and chart reading, worked out tide heights and flow and planned a journey […]

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Open Canoe Self Resuce

Canoe Self Rescue Technique – the Capistrano Flip At a recent Advanced Water Endorsement course we looked at some self rescue techniques.  One method which can work well with practice with unloaded canoes is a version of the Capistrano Flip.  This technique has been adapted and can be seen here in this video. Some things to […]

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Targetting our Coaching Beyond TTPP

Overcoming Blocks In Learning Whenever I coach I aim for my students to experience a long term change and improvement.  To achieve this, it is important that I target my coaching appropriately.  Many coaches target their coaching using the BCU ‘TTPP Model’ (Technical, Tactical, Psychological or Physiological).  Sometimes, whatever we do in terms of TTPP, […]

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Sea Kayak Incident Management Training

At the recent Sea Kayak Expedition Gathering we ran some Incident Management training sessions. Here are a couple of videos showing some of the work we did with the RNLI. For details of sea kayak training, rescue and incident management courses contact me at

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Northumberland Sea Kayak Guide: Boulmer to Craster

Boulmer to Craster in Northumberland is a fantastic sea kayak trip.  Here’s a video in moderate conditions in May 2012.   For information on Sea Kayak Courses and Guiding in Northumberland, the North East, UK and beyond please contact me at Sea kayak coaching, open canoe coaching, white water kayak coaching, BCU courses and […]

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Student Centre Coaching

If you’re a coach or are interested in how you and others learn you may have come across the terms ‘Student Centred’, ‘Coach Centred’, ‘Student Led’ and ‘Coach Led’. Coach education courses often recommend we should learn to shift from one option to another and be flexible with our coaching to bring out the best […]

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Farnes Islands By Sea Kayak

A Video Blog….     For information on Sea Kayaking in Northumberland and the Farnes Islands contact

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‘Utilisation’ for Coaches….

….or what to do when students don’t come up with the answers you expect! When questioning students or setting guided discovery tasks, sometimes students come back with unexpected answers.  One strategy to use here is ‘Utilisation’.  Have a look at the video to find out more. For more information on coaching techniques and courses contact […]

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Trim and Canoeing

How to Trim a Canoe The ability to ‘trim’ a canoe appropriately is a fundamental skill for any canoeist who wishes to paddle efficiently.  However, it can sometimes seem to be a bit of a ‘dark art’ as conflicting factors such as wind, direction of travel and flow of water all need to be balanced […]

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Adapting Your Sea Kayak Towline

Tailoring Your Sea Kayak Towline Towlines are one of the most important pieces of kit when leading and coaching on the sea.  I use a waist mounted line which gives me the flexibility to pass it on to other group members and keep me ‘out of the system’.  As I frequently paddle different kayaks it […]

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