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Northumberland Sea Kayak Guide – Holy Island

If you need a Sea Kayaking Guide to Holy Island in Northumberland, here’s a brief description. We circumnavigated the island on a 4.7 metre tide (North Shields).  This allowed us to cross the causeway with ease, and the shallowest water at this critical point was about 20cm deep. We unloaded at the harbour and parked […]

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UK Sea Kayak Destination- Bass Rock and Isle of May

A UK Sea Kayaking trip to the Isle of May and Bass Rock. The Isle of May and Bass Rock provide one of the best sea kayak trips the UK.  With long open crossings and tidal streams settled conditions may be necessary.  With boats packed for an overnight trip we set off from North Berwick.The […]

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Sea Kayaking Northumberland

Sea Kayaking Northumberland I was fortunate to share a day sea kayaking with the staff from Adventure Sunderland.  I have known Pat for many years, and he was a long term student who I worked with through my BCU Level 5 Sea Kayak qualification.  Pat is now working through his UKCC Level 3 Coach award, […]

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Northumberland Sea Kayaking: Skills Coaching

Northumberland Sea Kayaking: Skills Coaching I met Chris and Mark at Amble Marina on a bright sunny morning in June.  They were ready for two days of sea kayak skills coaching.  Chris has been paddling for some time while this was completely new for Mark.  After some foundation skills work in the harbour, we headed […]

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Do You Take The Learnings From Your Mistakes……

……Or Just Give Up? “I failed!”, “that’s wrong!”, and “that didn’t work!” are all potentially negative ways of perceiving an experience – but they are frequently heard terms when people are learning new canoe and kayak skills. ‘Failure’ can be repackaged as another way to describe learning what not to do. ‘Failing’ and making mistakes […]

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Intermediate Sea Kayak Course

Intermediate Sea Kayak Course – Northumberland Saturday dawned wet and windy.  The forecast was for F4/5 NW winds.  After the usual introductions we set off to do a coastal trip from Beadnell to Longhoughton.  This would allow us to take full advantage of the following tide and winds. We made great progress down the coast, […]

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Using Language to Inspire Confidence

Effective Language for Canoe and Kayak Leadership We all know that confident leadership can inspire the rest of the group and help canoeists and kayakers perform at their best – but what can we do to come across as being confident? We need to be confident in our decisions, and confident in our instructions.  We […]

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Briefing Check List for Leaders

For the BCU Four and Five Star Leader awards, candidates need to have a simple and effective brief for the group they are leading. Sometimes, it seems like there are so many things to remember that it can help to have a mental checklist to make sure that everything is covered. One way to remember […]

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Shaping a Positive Outcome From a Negative Statement

“But….I Can’t!” The word ‘but’ has only three letters, but is has a significant effect in directing our attention and behaviour. It’s also one of the most commonly used words people use to stop themselves doing something.  This is because the word ‘but’ deletes from our attention the part of the sentence before it, and […]

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Learning Something New to Overcome Bad Habits

Language and Communication for Canoe and Kayak Coaches It’s a lot easier to learn something new than to re-learn something and overcome bad habits or inappropriate schema.  Coaches know this, and students know this too, so the very mention of ‘re-learning’ means an uphill challenge before we even start coaching.  So how can coaches use […]

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