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Open Canoe Self Resuce

Canoe Self Rescue Technique – the Capistrano Flip At a recent Advanced Water Endorsement course we looked at some self rescue techniques.  One method which can work well with practice with unloaded canoes is a version of the Capistrano Flip.  This technique has been adapted and can be seen here in this video. Some things to […]

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Trim and Canoeing

How to Trim a Canoe The ability to ‘trim’ a canoe appropriately is a fundamental skill for any canoeist who wishes to paddle efficiently.  However, it can sometimes seem to be a bit of a ‘dark art’ as conflicting factors such as wind, direction of travel and flow of water all need to be balanced […]

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All in Rescue/Swamped Rafted Canoe Recovery

Rescuing a Swamped Canoe Raft Many people raft canoes together on open water, perhaps thinking that the additional stability offered by the raft provides a greater margin of safety.  This may be true in some circumstances, but rafting canoes does create additional hazards which should be considered. Should your raft become swamped, then you have […]

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Canoe Lining and Tracking

Canoe Lining and Tracking I had the good fortune to work with my good friend Ken Hughes on a BCU Five Star Open Canoe assessment recently.  The five star canoe syllabus includes lining and tracking a canoe on white water. There are several different ways to do this, and some are demonstrated in the short […]

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Canoe Rescue Saws and Air Bags

Canoe Rescue Saws and Air Bags While paddling with a very good friend and exceptional paddler we pinned an open canoe on white water.  His boat quickly folded around him, but he was well equipped and exceptionally calm.  As the folding boat trapped his legs under his kneeling thwart he reached for his rescue saw, […]

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‘Grading’ Open Water for Canoe and Kayak Paddlers

‘Grading’ Open Water for Canoe and Kayak Paddlers Many people who canoe or kayak on white water or rivers use the grading system to help them understand and anticipate what they are likely to be up against when they get onto the water.  No such system exists for canoeists on large lakes or lochs.  The […]

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Estimating Distance for Sea Kayak and Open Canoe Paddlers

Estimating Distance for Sea Kayak and Open Canoe Paddlers When sea kayaking or canoeing on large areas of open water, lakes or lochs, distances can be deceptive – and having some helpful indicators of your distance from an object can be really useful.  For a quick estimate, you can look at the amount of detail […]

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BCU Three Star Open Canoe Training and Assessment, North East and Northumberland

BCU Three Star Open Canoe Training and Assessment, North East and Northumberland Course Aims: Come and paddle with us for two days. We’ll train you with the latest modern Open Canoe techniques which allow you to paddle with increased skill and confidence wherever you want to paddle. You’ll take away new skills and develop many […]

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Open Canoe Improvised Sailing

Sailing Rafted Canoes At a recent Four Star Leader Training course in the North East the group experimented with rafted improvised sailing rigs and were able to test them out for real in winds of Force 4 and gusting Force 5.  The group had a lot of fun, and we spent some time discussing the […]

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Beaufort Scale – a Guide for Canoeing and Kayaking

Beaufort Scale – a Guide for Canoeing and Kayaking Before going out on the water, canoe and kayak coaches and group leaders often need to plan taking into consideration the weather forecast they have obtained.  So it can be really useful to be able to judge what water conditions to expect based on a given […]

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