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Targetting our Coaching Beyond TTPP

Overcoming Blocks In Learning Whenever I coach I aim for my students to experience a long term change and improvement.  To achieve this, it is important that I target my coaching appropriately.  Many coaches target their coaching using the BCU ‘TTPP Model’ (Technical, Tactical, Psychological or Physiological).  Sometimes, whatever we do in terms of TTPP, […]

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Student Centre Coaching

If you’re a coach or are interested in how you and others learn you may have come across the terms ‘Student Centred’, ‘Coach Centred’, ‘Student Led’ and ‘Coach Led’. Coach education courses often recommend we should learn to shift from one option to another and be flexible with our coaching to bring out the best […]

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‘Utilisation’ for Coaches….

….or what to do when students don’t come up with the answers you expect! When questioning students or setting guided discovery tasks, sometimes students come back with unexpected answers.  One strategy to use here is ‘Utilisation’.  Have a look at the video to find out more. For more information on coaching techniques and courses contact […]

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Do You Take The Learnings From Your Mistakes……

……Or Just Give Up? “I failed!”, “that’s wrong!”, and “that didn’t work!” are all potentially negative ways of perceiving an experience – but they are frequently heard terms when people are learning new canoe and kayak skills. ‘Failure’ can be repackaged as another way to describe learning what not to do. ‘Failing’ and making mistakes […]

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Using Language to Inspire Confidence

Effective Language for Canoe and Kayak Leadership We all know that confident leadership can inspire the rest of the group and help canoeists and kayakers perform at their best – but what can we do to come across as being confident? We need to be confident in our decisions, and confident in our instructions.  We […]

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Briefing Check List for Leaders

For the BCU Four and Five Star Leader awards, candidates need to have a simple and effective brief for the group they are leading. Sometimes, it seems like there are so many things to remember that it can help to have a mental checklist to make sure that everything is covered. One way to remember […]

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Shaping a Positive Outcome From a Negative Statement

“But….I Can’t!” The word ‘but’ has only three letters, but is has a significant effect in directing our attention and behaviour. It’s also one of the most commonly used words people use to stop themselves doing something.  This is because the word ‘but’ deletes from our attention the part of the sentence before it, and […]

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Learning Something New to Overcome Bad Habits

Language and Communication for Canoe and Kayak Coaches It’s a lot easier to learn something new than to re-learn something and overcome bad habits or inappropriate schema.  Coaches know this, and students know this too, so the very mention of ‘re-learning’ means an uphill challenge before we even start coaching.  So how can coaches use […]

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Using Questioning to Generate Intrinsic Feedback Within our Students

Questioning Skills for Kayak and Canoe Coaches ‘Questioning’ is widely used by coaches and has many purposes.  However, questioning needs to be used carefully.  Poor use of questioning can be a bit like shooting in the dark.  I use a model of questioning to allow students to recover information either from outside of their current […]

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Canoeing and Kayaking Leadership – is that all a group needs?

White Water Canoe and Kayak Leadership I’ve taken part in numerous canoe and kayak training and assessment courses – skills courses, coaching courses, BCU courses, update courses – and all stress the importance of good leadership in outdoor adventurous activities. Leadership is the topic of articles and chapters in books – it almost seems that […]

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