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Goal Setting For Paddlers

Setting Your Paddling Goals Research shows that those who set goals have a greater chance of being successful in their pursuits.  Yet very few of us set personal goals about our canoeing and kayaking.  Here’s one way of doing this simply and easily – using the benefit of hindsight. Find a quiet place where you […]

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Using Questioning to Generate Intrinsic Feedback Within our Students

Questioning Skills for Kayak and Canoe Coaches ‘Questioning’ is widely used by coaches and has many purposes.  However, questioning needs to be used carefully.  Poor use of questioning can be a bit like shooting in the dark.  I use a model of questioning to allow students to recover information either from outside of their current […]

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Continuing Professional Development

Excellence in Canoe and Kayak Coaching Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is becoming more important in all areas.  It even spills into many of our recreational activities such as kayaking and canoeing, where we have requirements to attend coach update days or find other ways of keeping up to date. I’m a strong believer in keeping […]

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Kayak Forward Paddling Technique

Efficicient Kayak Forward Paddling Technique Forward paddling a kayak efficiently requires good technique.  Sea kayakers can learn a great deal from racing kayakers who have developed forward paddling technique to a fine art. There is a great deal of misunderstanding about forward paddling technique.  Many people are confused about which foot to press with, and […]

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Learn to Canoe and Kayak Using “Deliberate Practice”

Using ‘Deliberate Practice’ when Coaching Canoe and Kayak Skills Research shows that you can learn to canoe and kayak more effectively by using “Deliberate Practice”.  There is nothing controversal about the idea that expertise will only be achieved through a great deal of practice, but “Deliberate Practice” has two key components. time and energy from […]

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Canoeing and Kayaking Leadership – is that all a group needs?

White Water Canoe and Kayak Leadership I’ve taken part in numerous canoe and kayak training and assessment courses – skills courses, coaching courses, BCU courses, update courses – and all stress the importance of good leadership in outdoor adventurous activities. Leadership is the topic of articles and chapters in books – it almost seems that […]

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The 4MAT System – the Easy Guide to Learning Styles when Kayak and Canoe Coaching

Canoe and Kayak Coaching Learning Styles The 4MAT System – the Easy Guide to Learning Styles when Kayak and Canoe Coaching Introduction The 4MAT system allows you to easily meet the learning styles of your students.  Many people find it useful because it is an easy structure which you can incorporate into all of your […]

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In the Zone When Canoeing and Kayaking

‘In the Zone’ When Canoeing and Kayaking When I’m coaching canoeing and kayaking – whether it’s open canoe, white water kayak or sea kayak, one topic that seems to crop up time and time again is the question “How can I control how I feel, expecially when I’m feeling nervous?”  In other words – how […]

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New Year Resolutions – What Are Your Goals?

New year is a time for resolutions, planning and deciding what it is you really want to achieve in your paddling next.  One of the best and proven methods of achieving this is to set goals and targets.  Many people are confused by goal setting – some people set SMART objectives, others decide on outcomes, […]

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Non verbal Communication and Canoe and Kayak Coaching

Non verbal Communication and Canoe and Kayak Coaching Do you know where your eyebrows are?  And more importantly, do your students know where your eyebrows are? I’ve been on many canoeing and kayaking training courses, locally in the North East and throughout the country where the coach has been wearing sunglasses.  I know the importance […]

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