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Targetting our Coaching Beyond TTPP

Overcoming Blocks In Learning Whenever I coach I aim for my students to experience a long term change and improvement.  To achieve this, it is important that I target my coaching appropriately.  Many coaches target their coaching using the BCU ‘TTPP Model’ (Technical, Tactical, Psychological or Physiological).  Sometimes, whatever we do in terms of TTPP, […]

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Sharing Experience and New Ideas

Last week I was working with my good friend and colleague Ken Hughes (Ken Hughes Courses) delivering the new BCU UKCC Level 3 Discipline Specific Canoe Training. There are some real benefits from sharing delivery and working with other people. We had more time to reflect on our delivery. We had more time to plan […]

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Learn to Canoe and Kayak Using “Deliberate Practice”

Using ‘Deliberate Practice’ when Coaching Canoe and Kayak Skills Research shows that you can learn to canoe and kayak more effectively by using “Deliberate Practice”.  There is nothing controversal about the idea that expertise will only be achieved through a great deal of practice, but “Deliberate Practice” has two key components. time and energy from […]

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Aiding Effective Learning for the Canoe and Kayak Coach

Aiding Effective Learning for the Canoe and Kayak Coach I’m always really curious about how students perceive the information shared with them.  I was speaking with several people recently who had all been taught the same things but by different coaches.  I found it really interesting that they formed completely different opinions about the content […]

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Guaging Skill Aquisition from Observable Behaviour

Observing The Skill Level of Canoeists and Kayakers One challenge faced by canoe and kayak coaches is guaging the level to which a skill has been aquired by a student.  The abililty to do this is particularly important when undertaking a personal skills assessment of students, as students are usually required to show a ‘skilled’ […]

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