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For more information about any courses and coaching you can contact me by sending me an email to the address below.


My mobile number is 07980 127832, but please note that I often operate in areas without a phone signal so feel free to leave a message and I’ll get back to you when I can.


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  1. richie at #

    hi kim trying to do my leval 2 a volenteer with tvcc and working atconsett ymca i am loging my hours no problem as i did my ukcc leval 1 last year i can fill in that paper work{ planers revieuse..} but i was not realy showen the new ukcc leavl 2 paper work so i am stuck.john dean has ofered to mentor me and hope that will sort that problem. i would like to do my assesment with you . so can you keep me informed when you next have an assesmet course.thanks
    any help or if i can tag along on a paddel for tips, would be graetfull
    have fun richie

  2. Kim at #

    Hi Richie,
    That all sounds good. Let me know roughly when you’d like an assessment and we’ll set up a date. John will be able to give you good advice on the paperwork, and we can go through it all together before your assessment to make sure everything is in place.
    Very best regards,

  3. Emily Wheildon at #

    I am doing the level 2 coach assessment with you at Aldwark on 9th April. Please can you advise what the format of the day was. John has asked us to bring our students from school, but cannot this time, as we tried this before and it did not work well. Last time I got the wrong impression of what was expected so can you clarify how many we will coach at a time, session length etc.
    Many Thanks,
    See you in a few weeks,

  4. Kim at #

    Hi Emily,
    I’ve sent you an email.
    Very best regards,

  5. George Gazetas at #


    I’m interested in attending a Ukcc level 1 Coaching course in July. Please let me know if there’s any scheduled course in July.
    Thank you
    George G.

  6. Kim at #

    Hi George. I’ll be setting up more courses soon, so will keep you informed.
    Very best regards,

  7. Jason at #

    Hi Kim,
    after some advice please – currently sea level3 & kayak level2 in the old BCU coaching awards. Have undertaken new 5 star training (have relevant Navigation qualifications) – wish to do 3 star canoe as an alternative but looking to transfer to new BCU/UKCC awards. Would it be best to go for level 2 or the revised level 3 sea coaching. I haven’t done the moderate water or coaching process course but do have an up to date 8hr first aid course (if that helps?!). I also live in the Channel Islands so attending the UK does become expensive!
    Kind Regards


  8. Kim at #

    Hi Jason,
    There are quite a few people in the situation you are in – and you have a couple of choices. I think the most direct route will be to do the UKCC Level 2 award. The UKCC Level 2 Training (or transfer) is one pre-requisite for the UKCC Level 3 anyway. To do the UKCC Level 2 assessment, you will need to be three star standard (or hold the three star) in a single blade discipline (ie canoe). You could then do the Moderate Water Endorsement Sea Kayak.

    As a UKCC Level 2 with MWE Sea Kayak, you have transfered your old Level 3 to the new UKCC system.

    The new Level 3 is a great qualification, and you would need to gain some of the above on route anyway, so getting to Level 2 first seems to make sense, then think about Level 3. The pre-requisites for UKCC Level 3 can be found here.

    I hope this helps. Both routes have different benefits, so much depends on your circumstances and aims.

    Very best regards,

  9. becci at #

    Hi Kim,

    I’m looking to book onto a coaching module in prep for my L2 assessment and noticed you are running some on the 13th/14th August. Could you tell me roughly where the location will be so I can decide whether the travel is feasible?



  10. Kim at #

    Hi Becci,
    Yes, they’ll be held in Hexham, Northumberland. I’ll send you a booking form through.
    Hope to see you then,

  11. chris arnison at #

    hi kim,
    booking form posted off for 4*sea training. should be with you in a few days. drop me a message or bell when its through. cheers. chris

  12. chris arnison at #

    hi kim, hope you received my booking form and it was in good order. regarding the sea training. any chance you can forward on some course literature so i can make suitable arrangements for my overnights. cheers chris a

  13. Nigel Dykes at #

    Hi Kim
    Considering re doing the 5 star sea training course in April. I have previously done a 5 star training course in 2006 in N Wales. Done Yachtmasters theory and wondered what is possible to apl? Equally how is the April course filling?

  14. Kim at #

    Hi Nigel,
    Thanks for asking. You can probably APL the Open Water and Tidal Planning module – further details can be found about this on the Canoe England website here.

    The course will be running, and covers the navigation anyway, so will be a good refresher. There are still places available if you’d like one – Let me know and I’ll hold you a place while you sort the booking form out (I’ll send you an email too).
    Warmest wishes,

  15. Liz at #

    Just wondering if your WWSR course is running on the 8/9th Feb and if so are there any places left?

    If there are places, where will the course take place?


  16. Kim at #

    Hi Liz,
    Yes, this will be running and probably on the River Tees. I’ve sent you an email too, so let me know if you’d like me to hold you a place while you send through the booking form.
    Warmest wishes,

  17. Vicky Hewson at #


    I am interested in the level 1 kayak/canoe coaching course which is taking place in febuary. Could I get some more info on the course please.

    many thanks


  18. Kim at #

    Hi Vicky,
    As this course is full, I have another running on the 12th-15th March. I’ve sent you an email with more details and a booking form.
    Warmest wishes,

  19. jim harrison at #

    Hi Kim,
    I am after furthering my kayak skills as I have been with hcc for about six month, it. Had been surgested that you may need volunteers for rescue and training practice, I am available most days to paddle in the hexham area,
    cheers jim

  20. Phil at #

    I have recently bought two kayak’s for my son and myself, what basic course’s do you have/price that we could complete.

    many Thanks Phil.

  21. Kim at #

    Hi Jim,
    Good to hear from you. I’ve added you to the list of people looking to upskill, so you’ll receive advance notice of all the volunteer opportunities.
    Warmest wishes,

  22. Kim at #

    Hi Phil,
    Good to hear you’ve bought some kayaks! I’ll email you some information about suitable courses.
    Warmest wishes,

  23. keith bell at #

    hi kim. I have been kayaking weekly for about 10 months river only. with louis at morpeth. do you have a weekend date coming up so i can have a go at sea kayaking. cheers keith

  24. darren richmond at #

    Hi Kim

    Can you provide course dates and times please…… (for Lynsey sand I).



  25. Christopher Astbury at #

    Brilliant and informative course during the weekend all at sea, utilising rescue techniques and incident management. My ability to rescue and understand has improved, while my coaching toolbox has expanded further.

  26. Phil at #

    Hi Kim, I am interested in booking a one to one personal coaching session with you and I am just wondering if you offer this course for white water kayaking. I am a beginner and have never kayaked before is this course suitable for me? and if not which one do you recommend?

  27. Chris.w. at #

    Hi Kim,

    There are three of us keen to take a MWE assessment (Sea Kayak) on a weekend roughly late October / early November.

    Sean has done an assessment with you before and we were wondering whether you were able to run one around then.

    Kind regards,

  28. Liz Henderson at #

    Hi Kim

    Just had a chat on the phone. Could you please keep me posted as to when you are running any 4 star sea kayak assessments. Thanks Liz

  29. Hello I am an experienced outrigger canoeist and I was wondering how I can get qualifications to take clients out on open water/coastal in six people outrigger canoes. There does not seem to be anything for specific canoes. Kind Regards Conrad Elliott.

  30. Angeal Edwards at #

    Hi Kim, I spoke with you at the BCU Conference about the intermediate module for coaching the mind (Ailien’s friend). Please let me know when you are running your next one, I also may have a few coaches (within london area sea cadets) that may also be interested. Thanks Angie

  31. Robin Haines at #

    Hello Kim,
    Thank you again for a great Sea kayaking weekend. After I have completed and passed my 2 star award, (that’s if I master the J stroke) I would like to spend a week with you on a 3 star Introduction course. would you be able to give me a rough idea on the cost for a week, so I could start saving.
    Warm wishes Robin

  32. Shane at #

    Hi Kim , do you do instructor courses for sit on kayaks ? And also could you please let me know what I wound need to get a instructor qualification maybe level one or two , thanks

  33. Kim at #

    Hi Shane,
    The BCU UKCC Level 1 course is for all types of canoes and kayaks so includes sit on kayaks. I’ll email you some more details to answer all your questions.
    Warmest wishes,

  34. Nick Evens at #

    Hi Kim – i`ve just got my OC MWE and i`m looking to observe a 3* assessment. I wonder if this would be possible on one of your assessments please? I`m non-commercial, paddling with Edinburgh Kayak Club.
    thanks very much,

  35. Kim at #

    Hi Nick. Yes, that’s no problem. I haven’t any planned at the moment but if you see some dates advertised that you can make let me know. I can take one observer per course and it’s first come first served.
    Warmest wishes,

  36. Benj Hemingway at #

    Hi Kim

    I was just wondering if you were running a 2 star course any time soon? Also would you supply boat and equipment or will I need to supply these myself?



  37. toby at #

    hello, we have a small group of individuals that are interested in having a days sea kayaking. we were wondering if the price of the courses or days includes kit and kayak hire or do we have to source these ourselves?
    best regards, toby.

  38. Rich Davison at #

    Hi kim, I was just wondering if you still have spaces on your 4 star sea training at the beginning of may, thanks rich

  39. Charlie Burrow at #

    Hi Kim,
    I’m looking to do my 4* ww kayak assessment preferably before the middle of June. Have you got anything running then? Cheers

  40. Marty at #

    I’m from Middlesbrough college , I’m looking at doing a coaching course for my self to be able to take the students out, what would you advise as the best course for me I am a novice and there is advanced instructor whom I’d be out with every time.
    Thanks for your time

  41. Rich at #

    Hi Kim.
    I am looking to do a fsrt course and a 3 star sea kayak course, ideally on weekends, do you have any availability? I have a whitewater boat but no sea kayak, is it possible to borrow one for the course.

    I am also looking to do the level 1 coach this year or next.

  42. Nicola Welch at #

    Hi Kim

    Just wondering if you still had availability on your sea leader assessment on the 4th and 5th of November? If so please may I book onto this?

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Many Thanks

  43. Jamie Watt at #

    Hi Kim,
    Have you planned any BCU Four Star Leader White Water Training courses thro’ the remainder of 2018.

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