BCU Three Star Open Canoe

BCU Three Star Open Canoe Training and Assessment, North East and Northumberland

Course Aims:

Come and paddle with us. We’ll train you with the latest modern Open Canoe techniques which allow you to paddle with increased skill and confidence wherever you want to paddle. You’ll take away new skills and develop many of your existing techniques and strategies. At the end of the two days, if you’re up to standard you’ll have earned your 3 Star Award.

Course Dates 2017:

  • TBA

Course Fee: £165 (non-residential) plus British Canoeing Certification Fee.




You should have completed at least 2 journeys (each trip of about 10km or 3 hours duration).  You also need your 2 Star award, or evidence of having paddled a different type of craft for about 3 hours.

For further information and to check availability contact Kim.

For more information on coaching and courses please contact me at

Open canoe, sea kayak and white water courses and coaching, 1:1 and group workshops, BCU Training and Assessments in Northumberland and the North East.

One Response to BCU Three Star Open Canoe

  1. Surjit Singh at #

    Good Day,

    Hope you are well.

    I am currently a level two kayak coach and have been asked by the military to go on an exercise and take groups in open kayaks, they have informed me I will require to complete the 3 star open kayak qualification in order to do this.

    I current hold 4 star kayak, and three star surf.

    Will you be running a course and assessment in the near future


    Surjit Singh


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