BC Level 1 Coach Course

Course Dates – 2017

  • 6th, 7th, 20th and 21st May (2 Weekends)

Venue – Northumberland

We offer you the very best training.  This course is delivered by two BC Quality Assured Level 5 coaches in both single and double blade disciplines – you can’t get any better than that!

Come and join us for four days on a BC Level 1 Coach course.  This course provides an excellent basis for you as a paddlesport coach.   It will introduce you to the fundamentals of good coaching practice and helps you to understand and coach technical and tactical aspects of your sport whatever your discipline.

Cost – £260 per person (Non-residential).

If you need an FSRT course for your training, this can be arranged at a discounted rate of £50 for BC Level 1 course participants.

For more information please contact me at

Open canoe, sea kayak and white water courses and coaching, 1:1 and group workshops, BC Training and Assessments in Northumberland and the North East.

17 Responses to BC Level 1 Coach Course

  1. Darren at #

    Hi, may I ask what schedule for the days is please? I’m in Huddersfield looking for a level one course. Would I need my own boat? Accommodation? Etc.

  2. Kim at #

    Hi Darren,
    The course is non-residential so you’ll need accommodation. We’re running it in Hexham and there are plenty of local places to stay. It would be great if you had your own boat but not essential as we can lend you one if we know in advance. I can send you a booking form so let me know if you’d like a place and I’ll hold one for you.
    Warmest wishes,

  3. Jonny Edwards at #

    Hi Kim
    Could you please allocate me a place on your level 1 coaching course for the 3rd – 6th March.
    Jonny Edwards

  4. Kim at #

    Hi Jonny,
    Thanks for that – yes, I’ve booked you a place and have emailed you a booking form.
    Warmest wishes,

  5. Hördur at #

    Hi Kim

    I am intrested in level 1 coaching course with you. What later dates are scheduled than 3-6 March 2014.

    Best regards
    Hördur Kristinsson
    Stafnasel 3, 109 Reykjavik, Iceland

    Mobile phone. 354 861 9204

  6. Kim at #

    Hi Hordur,
    Thanks for getting in touch. The next course I have after the March one will be in September over two weekends. I’ll email you some details.
    Warmest wishes,

  7. Mark House at #

    Hi Kim
    Do you still have spaces on this course?

  8. Kim at #

    Hi Mark, Yes there are places. I’ll email you to sort out the details.

  9. Sterling Forster at #

    Hi Kim,
    Is there any spaces left on the course in September. if so how many.

  10. Stephen Drew at #

    Hi Kim,

    I was also wondering if there is a place on the course for myself?

    Kind regards,


  11. James at #


    I’m intrested in doing the four day BCU UKCC Level 1 course and I was wondering if you have any spaces left?

    Also I would like to do the FSRT, could I do this at the same time?

    Is the anything I will need to bring to the course with me?



  12. Andy lavin at #

    Hi Kim
    Please could you email me details of your next BCU Level 1 courses. If you could let me know dates and venues that would be great.
    Andy Lavin

  13. Geoff Potts at #

    Hi Kim,

    Can you confirm cost to do my level 1 coach to help with Mid Northumberland Scouts?

    I have 3 star canoe, WWSR and have completed 4 star training



  14. Glyn Burlison at #

    Hi Kim,

    Please could I book two place’s on your BCU level one courses plus the FSRT course running on the 3rd / 6th of march. this is for the Durham Kayak Club.


  15. Glen Austin at #

    Hi Kim
    is it to late to get a place with the FSRT included prior to the course?
    would the 2 star kayak and canoe be included in the course i am up to standard for the 2 stars but my certificates are out of date.
    If so i would like a place which would be paid for by the sea cadets.

  16. Jo-Ann at #

    Hi Kim, please could you let me know dates that you have any BCU Level 1 courses running? Also I would like my FSRT too if possible? Information regarding course venues would be grateful too.

  17. Cai at #

    Hi Kim, is there still availability for the September L1 course?

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